Fraud checker module

The aim of this module is to detect fraud and provide evidence of fraud.


  • Compares pairs or groups of answers
  • Gives similarities scores
  • Ranks according to similarities

1. Clarity.
You can immediately see which assignments might be fraudulent

2. User friendly
Potential fraud cases can be immediately recognised by their high score and the application of the letter ‘F’.

3. Evidence base
You can click on the documents marked as suspicious in order to check for yourself.

4. Speed of detection
The fraud checker can quickly compare similarities between documents.

Marking assignments and open question exams

Aim: marking and grading


  • The software makes an initial ranking of the scores.
  • Using this initial ranking, the teacher finds examples of good answers and examples of bad answers.
  • The teacher inputs the examples of good answers and examples of bad answers into CODAS.
  • The system re-evaluates and orders the answers into a list according to this input.
  • The teacher checks documents in the list.
  • The list is repeatedly updated according to new inputs from the teacher.
  • The teacher stops checking when satisfied with the listing.

1. Simple
The exam answers/assignments at the top of the list are the good answers; the ones at the bottom are the poor answers.

2. Insight
The software indicates which answers have been looked at directly by the teacher, and which answers have been marked by the program.

3. Control
The teacher stays in control. It is the teacher who determines the norms for good answers and bad answers. It is the teacher who determines where the boundaries between grades should be. It is the teacher who determines when enough answers have been looked at individually. It is the teacher who determines when the result listing is final.

4. Efficient
Hundreds of hours per year can be saved by using this computer assisted marking and grading software.